Gabrielle Union Shut Down A Troll Talking Smack About Dwyane Wade And Regular Season Rest

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For the last couple of seasons, there has been an on-going debate about players resting during the regular season. Players resting has proven to be beneficial to their careers. But fans that attend games specifically to see a superstar player like LeBron James are robbed from an entertainment standpoint when the Cavs All-Star rests. This especially stings because they paid their hard earned money to attend such a game.

The same problem exists for fans who just tune in to a game on TV. Usually when a star player sits, the dynamics of a game are drastically altered, leading to either blowouts or simply mediocre basketball. But until the NBA actually shortens the season or lengthens a season’s calendar time, the debate will keep going on.

That is why during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Gabrielle Union brought the debate back up. She questioned why we even talk about players resting like it is a problem, especially since LeBron James is playing an elite level due to the occasional regular season rest day that has helped to maintain his health.

Of course since Union did on this Twitter, she got a trolling response reminding the actress that her husband Dwyane Wade got knocked out in the first-round. But always quick witted, Union fired back perfectly.

Got ’em.

Union went with the tired and true argument of rings, which – coupled with Wade’s strong play as he’s gotten older – is just the perfect and most effective way to shut down a troll.

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